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4330 Stafford S.W.
Wyoming, MI 49548


General Membership Meeting November 22, 2016   I.        Meeting was called to order by Lois Soukup at 5:30 p.m. and roll call was taken:

Present: Lois Soukup, Julie Badgerow, Ruth Bever, Janice Kleckner, Helen Mott, Brendan Earl, Mark Dunham  and Denise Terpstra Excused: Pat De Jong I.       Approval of Agenda: Motion was made by Nathalie Merritt to accept the agenda.   Second by Julie Badgerow. Motion carried.

II.       Recording Secretary (Approval of Minutes): Motion was made by Nathalie Merritt to accept the October 2016 minutes as written, second by Julie Badgerow. Motion carried.

IV.       Financial Secretary/Treasurer’s Report: Motion was made by Nathalie Merritt to accept the financial report for October 2016, second by Denise Terpstra.  Motion carried.                   

V.        Communications & Announcements: a.     We received a post card informing us the next veterans meeting will be held on    Dec 2, 2016.

b.      We received the HR employment newsletter for November. 

c.       The Region 1D Retirees Christmas Party will be held on 12/13/16.

d.      We received a copy of the American Income Life Labor Letter.

e.       We received a letter from Jennifer Sloothaak resigning from her position as Recording Secretary as of 10-21-16.

f.        We received an email from Gerald Kariem informing us of a conference at MI State University on Election 2016: State and national Impacts on bargaining, Health Care, and Employment and Labor Law.

VI.       Unit Bargaining/Grievance Reports
Unit I (County) – There are no grievances.
Unit V (Library) – No grievances.  Helen reported that the KDL Board approved to extend their contract for one year. 
Unit VII (Network 180) – No grievances.  They are continuing to expand their work force.   
Unit VIII (Zoo) – No grievances.  It was noted the mileage proposal passed.  Gerald R Ford airport – Contract negotiations began on November 21, 2016.  

VII.     Committee Reports:
Education – No report.
Elections – Nominations were returned for the Financial Secretary position with only one nomination it will go to Julie Badgerow.  We also had a nomination for a trustee, that was Denis Terpstra.  Both will be sworn in at General Membership on 11/22/16. Civil Rights – None.
C.A.P. – Helen stated they discussed  Labor Fest had over 4000 in attendance and they are talking how to get more Locals included and maybe bring back the bridge walk.  They finished the night will many unhappy statements about the election and how the UAW seemed lacking in getting information out in regards to candidates.  They are still supporting the monthly Food Truck and accepting donations for the Baxter Community center for Christmas.  CLEW is looking for donations of toiletries to give away for Christmas.  Much discussion was held in regards to elections and the fact that Region 1D seemed to not get mailing out endorsing candidates and so forth.
Bylaws – No report.
Veterans –No report from Janice but Helen reminded us about Christmas Stars for the Vets home and the homeless Vets Christmas party.
Website – No report.
Women’s – No report. 
Retirees’ – No report due to meeting not being held because of elections.

VIII.    Old Business:   None

IX.       New Business:

a.      December meeting – Nathalie Merrit made a motion to go dark in December so the members could have time to spend with family.  Second by Helen Mott.  Motion carried.  There will not be December General Membership meeting but Executive Board will still be held. 

b.      Calendars – Lois brought up the fact that we are not going to order calendars this year as we still have more than half from next year so we are not going to go through the expense but we did make up folders with a monthly calendar for each person who has to record time.  It would be wonderful if everyone could fill it out monthly and return it to Shelly. 

c.       Swear In – Denise Terpstra was sworn in as the new trustee and Julie Badgerow as Financial Secretary.

X.        Question and Answer – Nathalie brought up an issue of security breach by a Union member against another Union member at the Sheriff department.  We will work though this as it develops.  

XI.       Good and Welfare:   Lois reminded us to donate if we can to the Homeless Vets Christmas and Toys for Tots.  

XII.     Next Meeting: January 24, 2016 at 5:30 pm.UAW LOCAL 2600
4330 Stafford S.W.
Wyoming, MI 49548