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If you are or know of any member who may be interested in serving on or heading up one of our committees, please contact the Union Office at 249-1708.  We would love to see some new members involved and be happy to explain how you can be a part of a great team!

We hope to see you at the next general membership meeting on Tuesday, January 24, 2017 at 5:30 pm at the Union office.

We are looking for some new faces to who are willing to get involved in being on a committee or becoming a steward.  If you are interested, please contact Shelly at the Union office at (616) 249-1708.  

We have one steward opening at the following:

Two (2) Sheriff's department

Two (2) at the Health Department

One (1) at either County Admin bldg., DHS, 81 Ionia or Community Development.

If you are interested in any position, please call the Union office or see a current steward or unit chair on how to follow through in filling that position. The number to the Union office is (616) 249-1708.

Education - helping to search out and set up education opportunities for stewards and members.   

Elections-serving to help with elections both internally, as well as, contract and other elections.

Civil Rights  - work on a committee teaching and learning about civil rights.  

Community Action Program (CAP) www.uaw.org/cap/index.php

Bylaws - this committe works with the executive board on any changes or updates the bylaws may need.  We would like to update the Local 2600 Bylaws, please read and submit any suggestions you might have to your steward or the office. If you need a copy of the bylaws, contact the Union office at 249-1708. 

Veterans - work with the existing veteran's committee chair in helping with and learning about veterans needs in our communities and workplaces. 

Website -  www.uawlocal2600.net.  Helping on this committee would entail helping to keep the website up to date and coming up with ideas or suggestions to make it more palatable. 

Women - help the existing committee chair to enable women in the workplace with education and rights.

Retirees - Help the existing committee chair in recruiting retires to be involved after their retirement in the UAW and all of its doings.  Our retirees are a great part of our Local.